The Reality of Pain

Every now and then, something terrible happens in one’s life. Some might call it a pain, others a tragedy. It has various forms. It might be in the form of a heartbreak or family being broken, ragging or being bullied.

While you call it your tragedy, I call it a lesson. Everything that happens to you was supposed to happen to you. Everything is written in the script of life. How you seek for help is up to you. How you react to the situation is up to you too. Some might get extremely selfish, think only about their happiness and want to die while others would like to help the people around them.

What people fail to notice, however, is the moral of the story of your life. We get too busy thinking about what action must be taken or what could be the possible consequences of such situations, while we usually fail to think about what you learn from it. I know what happens hurts and all you look for is revenge, you are so filled with the sense of revenge that you fail to learn about the sense of improvement. When you go through things, you become a stronger person. Life takes tests in various ways, and it is your motive to pass them. And just when you think you are strong enough, life takes a surprise test and you realise that you are still the same weak person you were. You feel like you must improve, but that doesn’t mean that the initial you isn’t good enough. It just means that you should become stronger and stop thinking about the pain. The pain will heal only if you take care of the scar; if you decide to just leave it open instead, it will get worse. Get closure and try to think of the happy moments rather than the sad ones. Be around people who make you happy, because they are the ones who really care and love you.

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Author: VerbalFeels

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