To “I thought you were The One”

​Dear heartbreaker,

Hey it’s me. Yea, I know you didn’t expect to hear from me ever again, but I am back. You must be thinking that I have no self respect, right? Wrong. I am not here to beg you for your love or waiting for us to get back. I know you don’t deserve me. I am here to thank you.

Thank you for breaking my heart and crushing my soul, I know it will increase the pain and make my situation worse, but I don’t care about that. I care about how I will learn about the feeling known as Trust, something I had in you and you let it down. Now that you have broken my heart, I know nothing can be done about it. But I can save my heart in the future. Also, my heart could be stronger, right? Won’t be in pain or won’t be miserable. You are a big part of my heart because you are the reason my heart broke and healed. 

Thank you once again, will never forget you or what you did to me even though I am pretty sure that you will.

Yours sincerely​,

The heart you broke.


Author: VerbalFeels

Look here for inspiration. Writings just for you.

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