Sometimes, don’t you just wish like giving up? Not staying around? Not caring about anything or not feeling a single thing? I do. Sometimes I think to myself; I had a knife in my hand and a chance to slit my wrist, then I would be free, forever. No pain, no anger, right? No hopes, no disappointments either. That’s what I thought too, when I had that knife slowly making a scar on my wrist. But then I stopped, the pain was too much to handle. Now that I think of that time, I do not feel regrets. Instead, I feel happy. I didn’t do it. 

Even when you have no reason to live, you don’t want to leave. You don’t want to give up so soon. You want to be strong, and that is what life is training you for. 

I know, the pain must be alot to handle, but when you think about it, there are times when you do not have pain. Sometimes not having pain makes you feel different, but a good different, right? 

Things might be worse at the moment, but they will get better soon. No one deserves to live a sad life, not mostly. Everyone deserves on a chance to be happy, grab that opportunity or you might never get it ever again. Stay happy, stay blessed.


Author: VerbalFeels

Look here for inspiration. Writings just for you.

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