Is God Responsible?

“God”. A powerful word, isn’t it? What is the first thing that comes into your mind, when you hear this word? Power? Respect? Some think of him as a mentor, while some as a support system. Some as a friend, while some as an enemy too. But what is god actually supposed to be to a person? Is he a mentor or a support system? A friend or an enemy?

It is said that God is responsible for everything going on in our life. God makes our life a misery. When you go through any pain, usually, god is blamed for it. But is good responsible for everything? Is god the one to blame? I do not have the answer to any of these questions. I know I never have the answer, but I have the solutions.

If you believe your life to be a misery, just think of it this way. Compare, what is happening to you now, and what could have happened to you. That is when you realise, that you are not that unlucky after all. 

God may be your mentor or your leader. Your friend or your enemy. It all depends on the way you think.

For instance, an optimist would compare what his life could be and what it is now, and be grateful to him. While another, may whine over his miserable life, and not even enjoy the amazing things that God has given him. 

The key to all your solutions lie deep within you. It’s like a treasure hunt you play, with yourself. You just have to be smart enough. Look for the answers within yourself, and you must be the happiest person in your life. 

Enjoy your life, don’t regret the chances you didn’t take. Grab the opportunities you will get in futures, because you wouldn’t want to increase the regrets in your life. Live your life to the fullest. Give a new definition to life and happiness, everyday.


Author: VerbalFeels

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