Sometimes, all you can feel are regrets. You can’t help but wonder, what would happen if your decisions were different. Would your life be better or get worse.

All you ever feel like is going into the past, and making different decisions. But lost time can never be brought back. 

It is due to the decisions made, that you want to give up. This sense of regret never leaves you. 

For once, you are in a happy place. You spend amazing time with your loved ones. You have fun, you are in a happy place.

You just feel like everything is fine. You could never trade your life for anyone else’s. You feel like your life is the best. You could never shake this feeling off. 

But then comes the surprise! The sense of regret kicks back in. You feel lost. You face the consequences. You feel weak. You might show the world that you are brave, but deep down, you know that you are weak. You wish you weren’t around to go through this. But you don’t have to feel this way.

Things will get better. You will get over this. You just need to give it some time. You will heal, eventually. You will learn from the past, and make a better present and future for yourself. You will feel better. You will feel at your best. Don’t collect regrets, collect mistakes and learn from them. Make a better future for yourself and for the people around you.


Is God Responsible?

“God”. A powerful word, isn’t it? What is the first thing that comes into your mind, when you hear this word? Power? Respect? Some think of him as a mentor, while some as a support system. Some as a friend, while some as an enemy too. But what is god actually supposed to be to a person? Is he a mentor or a support system? A friend or an enemy?

It is said that God is responsible for everything going on in our life. God makes our life a misery. When you go through any pain, usually, god is blamed for it. But is good responsible for everything? Is god the one to blame? I do not have the answer to any of these questions. I know I never have the answer, but I have the solutions.

If you believe your life to be a misery, just think of it this way. Compare, what is happening to you now, and what could have happened to you. That is when you realise, that you are not that unlucky after all. 

God may be your mentor or your leader. Your friend or your enemy. It all depends on the way you think.

For instance, an optimist would compare what his life could be and what it is now, and be grateful to him. While another, may whine over his miserable life, and not even enjoy the amazing things that God has given him. 

The key to all your solutions lie deep within you. It’s like a treasure hunt you play, with yourself. You just have to be smart enough. Look for the answers within yourself, and you must be the happiest person in your life. 

Enjoy your life, don’t regret the chances you didn’t take. Grab the opportunities you will get in futures, because you wouldn’t want to increase the regrets in your life. Live your life to the fullest. Give a new definition to life and happiness, everyday.


Sometimes, don’t you just wish like giving up? Not staying around? Not caring about anything or not feeling a single thing? I do. Sometimes I think to myself; I had a knife in my hand and a chance to slit my wrist, then I would be free, forever. No pain, no anger, right? No hopes, no disappointments either. That’s what I thought too, when I had that knife slowly making a scar on my wrist. But then I stopped, the pain was too much to handle. Now that I think of that time, I do not feel regrets. Instead, I feel happy. I didn’t do it. 

Even when you have no reason to live, you don’t want to leave. You don’t want to give up so soon. You want to be strong, and that is what life is training you for. 

I know, the pain must be alot to handle, but when you think about it, there are times when you do not have pain. Sometimes not having pain makes you feel different, but a good different, right? 

Things might be worse at the moment, but they will get better soon. No one deserves to live a sad life, not mostly. Everyone deserves on a chance to be happy, grab that opportunity or you might never get it ever again. Stay happy, stay blessed.

I Trust Me

It hurts, right? The way people talk to you, the way they treat you? Makes you feel like you are at fault, that you are guilty. Don’t you want to stop these people, from hurting you so bad? From just using you? I know you do. Everyone does.

I know what it feels like to be used and thrown away, I have been there. You trust the wrong people, as a result, you end up being hurt. People are of many kinds; the ones who make you happy, the ones who hurt you, the ones who love you, the ones who fake love to get you and the list goes on. Shocking, isn’t it? Do you ever wonder, people who look like you: having two eyed and ears, one mouth and one nose, are so different from you? When people who have such alike features and are great in number, it is hard to make proper judgements. Not being able to trust others when you really want to is hard, I know. But what if you can’t trust yourself? That is a whole new level of trust issues.

Having met so many people in life and being hurt so many times, you start doubting yourself. You wonder what’s wrong with you and why don’t you meet the right people. But do you ever stop and wonder about the number of right people you let go? 

Sometimes, it is better to listen to your instincts rather than reasoning everything. Your instincts can never be wrong, while your reasons may be made up by the brain. You may think you don’t deserve a chance anymore, while the fact is you owe a chance to yourself to trust again. While your brain is in control, don’t let your soul forget about your heart. Let them both be in control and win the clash between them, you will know when you are supposed to listen to them and when you aren’t. Love yourself and trust yourself because you deserve it.

To “I thought you were The One”

​Dear heartbreaker,

Hey it’s me. Yea, I know you didn’t expect to hear from me ever again, but I am back. You must be thinking that I have no self respect, right? Wrong. I am not here to beg you for your love or waiting for us to get back. I know you don’t deserve me. I am here to thank you.

Thank you for breaking my heart and crushing my soul, I know it will increase the pain and make my situation worse, but I don’t care about that. I care about how I will learn about the feeling known as Trust, something I had in you and you let it down. Now that you have broken my heart, I know nothing can be done about it. But I can save my heart in the future. Also, my heart could be stronger, right? Won’t be in pain or won’t be miserable. You are a big part of my heart because you are the reason my heart broke and healed. 

Thank you once again, will never forget you or what you did to me even though I am pretty sure that you will.

Yours sincerely​,

The heart you broke.

I Need Saving

I am in pain. I am miserable. I just want the pain to end. Or maybe something to numb the pain. I don’t trust anyone anymore. Everyone seems fake to me. I have been through so much. I don’t know if it is all my fault or if i am wrong to blame myself. But I know that I am suffering. I am just surviving this dreadful life. I need your help. Please save me. I need to get some light inside of me. I need my soul to light up. I should be writing this in my diary, right? I should not have lied to my diary. But instead, I wrote that I was fine.

I lied to people. I lied to my diary. But I couldn’t lie to myself, not anymore. I told people that I am fine. I wrote the same in my diary too.
Crucibles change people. Just like it changed me. I became from this happy person to a dark one.

But the truth is, when I tell people that I am fine, I try to look for the same feeling inside of me. I hoped that I would just find it somewhere in me. I look for some light at the end of the tunnel. 

I can tell you that I am not fine. I know I am not. Irrespective of how much I say it, I know I don’t mean it. But I am sure of one thing, I am healing. Just as they say, time heals everything. Similarly, time is healing me too. I see scars now, the signs of being healed. 

No matter what you go through, don’t forget that things will not stay the same. The situation changes you, but that doesn’t mean that the situation never changes. It gets better. Everything does. The situation creates a better and stronger version of you. Don’t regret it, learn from it. You deserve to be happy and you will be.

The Reality of Pain

Every now and then, something terrible happens in one’s life. Some might call it a pain, others a tragedy. It has various forms. It might be in the form of a heartbreak or family being broken, ragging or being bullied.

While you call it your tragedy, I call it a lesson. Everything that happens to you was supposed to happen to you. Everything is written in the script of life. How you seek for help is up to you. How you react to the situation is up to you too. Some might get extremely selfish, think only about their happiness and want to die while others would like to help the people around them.

What people fail to notice, however, is the moral of the story of your life. We get too busy thinking about what action must be taken or what could be the possible consequences of such situations, while we usually fail to think about what you learn from it. I know what happens hurts and all you look for is revenge, you are so filled with the sense of revenge that you fail to learn about the sense of improvement. When you go through things, you become a stronger person. Life takes tests in various ways, and it is your motive to pass them. And just when you think you are strong enough, life takes a surprise test and you realise that you are still the same weak person you were. You feel like you must improve, but that doesn’t mean that the initial you isn’t good enough. It just means that you should become stronger and stop thinking about the pain. The pain will heal only if you take care of the scar; if you decide to just leave it open instead, it will get worse. Get closure and try to think of the happy moments rather than the sad ones. Be around people who make you happy, because they are the ones who really care and love you.

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