My Dear…

Dear loved one, 

I was in a lot of pain before you came in. You know about the kind of pain I am talking about. My past has haunted me for a while now, and I was hoping you to give up on this poor dark soul and live a nice lit life of your own. Instead, you took the responsibility of my life and took care of me. You care more about me than I do about myself. Sometimes, I can’t help but imagine about how miserable my life would become if you weren’t around. Then, I stop thinking about it and thank God because you are the biggest part of my life. The way you take care of me, I feel like I am a kid and I love this feeling. I know people usually want this in their life, but I am so glad to know that I already have it in my life. I don’t want you to leave ever, be my forever.

Forever together. We thought of it and we will be it. I want people to say,”They were college sweethearts and now I am at their wedding.” I want to hear our incredibly embarrassing stories in our wedding toast and amazing imperfections in our wedding vows. You will be mine forever, and I will be yours forever. 

Yours sincerely,

Love of your life.

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The Tale of Overthinking

Have you ever felt negatively about something? Do you ever overthink? 

It’s natural human behaviour, to think. But what happens to a person, who thinks more than expected, and doesn’t share any of it? Sounds miserable, doesn’t it?

Everyone has problems in their lives. They come in all sizes and packages. Sometimes you are happy in life, but still feel weak. Or, on the contrary, you might be extremely weak, but happy, because of the people who surround you. They make you happy when you are miserable. But not all of them do that. Some make you feel miserable, while some take you out of misery. So be careful, about the people you choose to live by. 

They say parents, friends and teachers are important elements of lives. But everyone forgets another very important element. The enemy.

It’s important to have enemies to, not to fight with, but learn from. Everyone in your life right now, is there for a reason and will leave for a reason. Enemies teach you lessons by hurting you. But those lessons are the most important ones. 

Be careful from people who hurt you. But I think, being hurt is important, for a much better future. The more you are hurt, the bigger is the lesson. Let life play its tricks on you, show life how the game is played.

But remember, people will come into your life, teach you something, and leave. When they are here, you might not want them, but you will need them. When they leave, you will want them, but won’t need them anymore. Because your lesson has been learnt. So don’t feel lonely when one leaves, feel blessed that they came, that you learnt and got blessed.

The Vicious Cycle of Friendship

​“Friends”. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of it? Love? Care? Bond?

To me, it’s “stranger”. It is true. People usually fail to notice or simply ignore the fact of how friendships work. The vicious cycle of friendship.

Look at the people around you. Various kinds of people, right? Strangers, friends, best friends, friends you use, friends who hurt you and many others. Now think of how you became friends with them. You were strangers first. Two people who didn’t know each other. Then you became into people who looked at each other and made silly faces. Then you became into people who talked regularly, who trusted each other and then someone you shared secrets and gossips with.

“Life is perfect. Friends make me happy.”, you start to think. 

But then, when your best friend starts avoiding you, or gets busy with their new friends, you know you are jealous. You know you don’t want to be jealous, but you can’t help it. Friends leave. Everyone does. 

The place where good things last forever is the perfect world, and is imaginary. We live in the complicated hard world. Nothing lasts forever. Maybe your miseries and pains might, but happiness doesn’t. 

To some people, friends mean life. To some, they mean a part of life and some don’t even have them in their life.

Some people come in your life as a blessing or a lesson. Don’t take the blessing for granted and don’t cry over the lesson. 

I was once said, “Teenage life can be your best or your worst.” I agree. Try making it your best rather than worst. It’s natural to believe that your teenage life is the worst. But what you fail to consider is the worse things could get. The worse your life could get. If you think you have been through the worst, just imagine of the other things that could have happened. Start thinking of the good things in your life, at least till they last. 

If you think more of the bad things, the few good things will also disappear.Stay happy and don’t overthink. The tips of having a normal no drama teenage life lie in being satisfied.